Planning Your Wedding

Your wedding is all about celebrating a new life between you and your partner. This is a very important day and it is necessary for everything to be exactly how you want it to be. As planning a wedding can be very hectic, here are some points that you need to think about which will be helpful.

Guest List & Invitations – Making a guest list can sometimes be stressful because there are many things to consider. Since whatever venue you choose has only a limited space you will have to invite a certain number of people only. Therefore when making the list be prepared to take some names off. Since this is your wedding day, in the end it is your decision as to who will be invited. Invitations can be made by professionals or can be hand made for a more personal touch. The invitations should match the theme or colours of your wedding.

Venue – Choosing the venue depends on the type of wedding ceremony you will be having. A traditional wedding will typically be held in a church. However you can also hold your wedding in a wedding hall. There are many websites to help you find the perfect venue. Make sure that the venue is not too far for you and your guests as this will be inconvenient.

During The Ceremony – In order for your ceremony to take place without any mistakes you can organize it beforehand. You can also have a rehearsal of the ceremony in order to make sure everyone is comfortable with the format. You should discuss any details with your partner as this is an important day for both of you. In order to have a more personalized wedding where you can decide on the details you can hire a civil marriage celebrant from Marry Us Sally. This way you are able to decide on your own vows and how the ceremony will proceed.

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Reception – Although having a reception after your wedding ceremony is optional, you should think about having one as it is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage at the end of the day. A reception can take place in a hall or you can have a simple celebration at home. In the end a reception should be a comfortable gathering of both friends and family. You can have a catering service provide for the reception. With the simplest of decorations you can have a spectacular reception so there is no need to go overboard with it. A reception should have some form of entertainment so that it is enjoyable for all the guests. You can either hire a dj or a band. Decide on what type of music will be played so that you are able to enjoy it more.