Destination Wedding On Your Mind?

Planning a wedding involves a lot no doubt. Having one on home soil is stressful enough but a destination wedding? Well it is something many love, but find hard to do. Mainly because a destination wedding involves setting off to a completely different country no less. And of course, making sure your guests can attend too. As you can imagine, there is a lot of work that goes into it so you need to be extra careful with your planning. No need to panic though. Plenty of people have had successful destination weddings so there is no reason you cannot too. Have a look here for some inspiration.

This is quite an obvious one since you need to have your wedding somewhere, but what you should really be thinking about here, is whether you can fit all your guests at the hotel. Or at least, if there is a selection of hotels they can choose from in the area. They cannot really be too far away from the venue. If you are having rehearsals before the day which you will, you want your wedding team to not be too tired. This is where your wedding planner will come in handy. Get him/her to scout out a suitable location for you.

Your personal costs for the wedding is an entirely subjective thing depending on your budget. Your guests’ budgets though, may not all be flexible. You do not want to book them all in a hotel that is too expensive for them to have a good time away. Look for a place that is not too exorbitantly priced so everyone can have fun. If your guests are worrying about the price of the rooms and other services, they may not look back on your wedding with good memories.

Different countries have different seasonal periods. During these times, there is an influx of activities to be a part of. If you are heading to a topical place, you and your guests would want to snorkel, dive or do other water sports. Additionally, your guests should be in a position to take leave. If the location is far away from them, they will need to allocate extra days for travel so they are not too tired. If you have a wedding stylist, he/she should also be able to travel during that time. Look at all angles.

Some countries have on-arrival visa options whilst others need you to apply for your visa well in advance. You need to do the background work in hunting up visa forms and other important legal details. You then need to mail this information to your guest list. If you expect these people to take time off for your big day, then you should have the courteously to make the process as easy as possible. As long as you are organised, this should not be such a problem.