Styling The Reception – The Tips You Need To Know

The reception of your wedding is an important part of the planning process, and most brides know better than to forget about all its details! From the tableware to the linens to the placards, there is a lot to think about when it comes to the decorations, and you might be stumped for good ideas sometimes. But fear not – below are some useful tips to know when it comes to receptions:

Find out what the venue provides for you – before you look for a wedding decoration hire, find out what the venue can already provide for you. This not only helps you to keep costs down as it lets you take advantage of what the venue can already offer, but you also have a clear idea of whether certain decorations will clash with what the venue provides (and if, in that case, you want to change the decorations or rent everything from somewhere else). Generally, venues do have fancy china, tableware and furniture, but it might not always be what you expected, so it helps to personally check them out before you plan ahead.

Find what works for your venue – generally, the venue will provide you with fittings and other items that fit the venue itself – for example, a garden wedding will have complementary cutlery and china, but you also need to have a good idea for what truly fits your venue. For example, an outdoor wedding with too many decorations can make the wedding reception Byron Bay look notably tacky – in this case, you want to keep the decorations minimal so as to let nature get the attention.

Understand the lighting – at what time of the day will the reception be held? Depending on the time, and of course, where the reception is held, the lighting you will have to work with will change drastically. And lighting can have a big impact on how a certain venue looks – both positively and negatively. Whilst certain lighting can enhance the beauty of a specific colour, that very same lighting can also make other hues and textures look unappealing. It helps to check the venue out at the time of the day you plan to host the reception – and to take the colours you plan to use to see how they look like with the lighting. Visit 

Have a mock reception beforehand – and lastly, before the real wedding celebration, have a mock wedding and recreate everything (minus perishables, such as food and flowers) so that you have an idea of where everything will, and how it will all look like. This will let you make any changes if necessary, and it is often better to do them beforehand rather than on the day of the wedding itself.