Fun And Creative Ways To Create And Hold Onto The Joyous Wedding Memories

Who say albums and pictures are the only ways you could use to walk down the aisle once again, in your memories? Today there are so many other cool and amazing ways you could use instead of only sticking to the usual style. And your big day is something you would never want to forget at any point in your life. So here are some of these ideas that will help you hold onto such sweet memories in a fun and creative way.

The wish dish

It might sound tacky but it is definitely one of the best ideas ever and it doesn’t even cost much! The idea here is to let your guests write down a wish they have to wish you luck in the future and pray for good fortune to follow your way. And although these may not be practical with pre wedding photography HK, this wish dish is ideal for the purpose. it lets the guests show their genuine care and happiness for you. And at the end of the day, you have a lot of memories with valuable words to hold onto! 

The surprise and wish, tree

Just like the wish dish, this too is based on the same concept. However, you can always add in a little unique touch to make things much more interesting and fun. When it comes to setting up the tree, you can purchase a metal kind and set it up or you could cut down a branch from an actual tree and set it on a strong stand. Instead of simply requesting your guests to write their wishes for love and life, hang in the little goodies they could take back with them in exchange for the sweet wishes. What’s more is that this tree could also be an amazing picture captured by a wedding photographer to be included in your album. So it’s a win win! Visit 

The signed dish

Having the signs of everyone that is dear to you on a cast or on your favorite t-shirt, has always been a cool trend. And so, simply because you are getting married doesn’t mean you’ve got to let go of this cool trick. Instead use to your advantage to create another memorable piece that you could use to reminiscence the wonderful day of your marriage. Request your guests to sign in their names on a dish set out by you, using a special ceramic marker. Later all you have to do is pop it in to the oven and wait till it sets once and for all. And voila you’ve got yourself a cool display!

The scroll

Get a typewriter that isn’t too expensive and set it on a table that no one can miss passing. Fill in enough paper rolls, and ask your guests to type out their sweet messages and wishes along with their names as well. Gather the roll and create the perfect scroll to be hung with your pictures or simply set it as cool display!  

Try out some of these and own the best pieces that helps you, reminiscence the good old day when you once walked down the aisle!