Dress It Up For A Fabulous Hen Party

How many of you actually love to dress up a little different and go for themed parties? Well, I think most of us do because whenever we get invited to an event, we usually wear whatever we want and it doesn’t matter what colour or kind of outfit we choose as long as it suits the particular event but the good thing about costume parties is that, it lets you to get a little more creative in your head to jazz up the way you do things which is actually fun. We know that Halloween is the kind of event that we all get to do that and most of the other events; we will most likely get at least a theme that we need to stick to.

I feel that it will be a great idea if you can dress it up a little even for you hen night, baby showers or bridal showers to make all of those day be a little more fun than usual. If you look up online for party venues you will see that most of these places now give you more flexibility and freedom to choose the kind of setting and décor you would like to choose from to have the best kind of party you want. There are so many ways that you can add into your hen night or basically even a normal birthday party to make it look like you had an amazing theme without actually going through the trouble of designing a theme. Here are some of the ways that you can make your guests dress up a little. Click here for more info on party venues Melbourne.


This is especially for those people who don’t want to trouble their guests into finding costumes but still want to look quite the same. You can simply ask everyone to wear black where we all have black clothes and the bride to be can be in white. That way the photographs would also look quite coordinated.

Glittery gold

When you search for engagement function rooms you are most likely to see them having events with gold and glitter. It has always been one of the easiest ways to make everyone merge into one theme. People can always find some whites, beiges and pair it up with some gold to be able to look dressed up with no much effort.

It’s not always about preparing a full on costume for the event but if you just try to find a theme that works best with your friends, you can make them dress it up a little fabulous than going with no dress code.