Blooms And Cakes For Your Special Day

It is a hassle free way to plan your wedding venue décor when you have a specialist who does it all. If you hire an event planner, he or she might offer similar services but at a higher price. How about finding a vendor who has just the services you need at great rates? You could get a great combination of décor and wedding cake solution that will take care of most of the arrangements for your wedding reception.

Florist services

It is important that you locate a reliable florist service in a Lillypad that has expertise in wedding floral arrangements. Not every florist will have the right expertise or rates for wedding arrangements. In order to get started, seek a catalog or an album of previously décor arrangements that a florist service has done. When you check out their catalogs you will know the kind of work they do and be able to decide for yourself.

Helpful suggestions

Choosing a flower delivery service for your wedding goes beyond the mere setup of wedding centerpieces, the venue décor and arrangements.

You need advice regarding the choice of blooms you could have for your wedding; the kind of blooms you want for your wedding bouquet to match your dress and theme; what is your budget and whether you want a mix and match of artificial and real flowers. A helpful florist will be able to provide suggestions that go well with the season, as per a wedding theme or décor colors and that suits the budget constraints of the client.

Cake and flower options

It is helpful if the décor service that gets your floral arrangements done can offer you wedding cake options as well. Besides the basic décor requirements of chairs and tables, getting the décor done with flowers and having the right wedding cake chosen will help you sum up the arrangements for your reception. Hence, it is helpful when a single service can cater to these needs. Often a wedding venue organizer can direct you to the right service that does floral arrangements for wedding venues. Alternately, many wedding floral services can be found from online directories. You could shortlist a service based on the range of flowers they offer package deals on wedding decor arrangements as well as cake designs and flavors that they advertise. With several choices online you need not compromise on your dream décor as well as the desired design of your wedding cake. With a bulk package deal you also get to save on such costs.